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It seems to be back.



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To Treasure

Today is an office day – that is dental office. I began the morning by seeing some patients I’ve known for quite awhile and one woman brought her little daughter in with her. The girl is about 6 maybe. Not sure why she wasn’t in school and I didn’t ask. I didn’t get the sense that she was simply skipping so is likely in Kindergarten.

The little girl piled up a stack of books to look at while she sat in the corner of the room. Then I began my work on mom. Just a couple of routine fillings but the teeth needed to be numbed. It is sometimes hard to predict how kids are going to react when a parent is having treatment. Some freak out. This little girl wanted right in there. From the time we began the injection to the end of the filling she was as close as we could let her get. The books remained unopened in the corner. My assistant let her push the button on the curing light for the fillings. She loved it. Then she wanted to hold the suction and air/water syringe – which we had to say no to. She said, “You have to teach me all the things you do and then I can help and I will be real busy.” Indeed! I think we have a budding dentist here. Her last task was to push the button to make the chair go back up.

Well, actually, the very last task she took on was to choose a sticker and a ring for her mom from our treasure box. She left us smiling. This part of my day I will treasure.


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Spring ? Break



This has been the week of Spring Break in my seminary schedule. Not that it is spring up here. It is 10 below C at this moment.

This week I have not had the pressure of replying to on-line questions, reading pages and pages of information in books or posted on-line. It has felt a bit strange in some ways to have time to do other things, to watch TV, to have lunch out. It has in general been a good week.

In fact, this morning as I was in the shower getting ready for work (at the dental office) a song I had written a few years ago popped into my head – words of poetry that I never did complete. That got me to thinking; maybe this is one of the things I miss most about being engrossed in studies – being able to write poetry, to do photography as a way of recording my own sense of wonder at God’s creation. If I completely abandon these things, will I be able to take them up again?

Then I thought – it is past time for my winter retreat. Wonder if I can squeeze it in to my weekend?


Maybe I will take off to a more northern place to just spend some time with God and my camera tomorrow.

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Looking up words

Every now an then I have to look up a word I am attempting to use, so I google it.  This time my search for curmudgeonly led me to the most wonderful blog.  If you are a mom, you will feel a kinship with her especially if your children, behaving just like children, sometimes draw looks of disapproval from proper folks without the joy of companionship. 

I would recommend this blog for a little cheer you up.  Enjoy.  Curmudgeonry.

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The first Seven Kilos

I bought our Christmas turkey today.  The flyer advertized the price at $0.99 a pound.  The fine print says the turkeys weigh 5 to 7 Kilos.

5 to 7 Kilos.  At seven kgs I would have had to buy at least two.  There was also a whopping big bird in the chest.  Almost 12 kgs.  About the right size for the hordes that will descend on our home Christmas Eve – especially since I supplement it with a ham and tourtiere. 

I will not have room to cook two birds in my oven at once.  Definitely not.  So, I put the big bird in the cart and proceeded to finish my shopping.  The price at the till was not what I expected – closer to $5 a kilo!  But it will feed us all so I looked on the bright side and pay the birds weight in gold.  I think that to be fair they should at least discount the first 7 kilos of the bird.  Or maybe I should read the fine print in the flyer more closely before I go shopping.

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It’s been a bit of a long day

and now it seems as if  sleep eludes me.  So here I sit at the computer fiddling with my header and such.

First news this morning was that oldest son had rolled his vehicle on his way to a town about 4 hours from PA.  Made me very concerned for him as well as for my own travels home from Alberta. 

But he is OK, spending the night in hospital though.  I guess it is prudent for a hospital to make sure the young lawyer is adequately observed so as to avoid any pesky questions later.  He does have a broken collarbone and I guess is pretty sore. 

My trip home was uneventful.  There were some slippery sections along the way but nothing my trusty tires couldn’t handle.  And I really did not want to put them to the test so I was careful.

Made it back in good time for tonight’s council meeting.  Maybe that is what left me sleepless – not that it wasn’t good but sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed at the things there are that must be done.  Oh, volunteers, where are you?

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We Remember

The other day in the pet store I had my arms full of special goodies for my Koi that are now residing in a small (10L) aquarium for the winter.  The alternative to this kind of crowded existence was death by freezing so I figure they have it pretty good.  However, the aquarium was getting sort of polluted and I decided that I’d also better invest in some kind of creature to destroy the algae.  I was sort of thinking snails but it seems that there are fish that do this job.  Not cheap fish either.  So I was shelling our $15 for one little black sucker and also grabbed some more filters and a piece of driftwood from some exotic country.  The walking encyclopaedia of fish knowledge  salesperson assured me that if there was insufficient algae, the algae eater would also derive some nutrition from the wood.  Now my aquarium is home to 6 Koi and one black algae eater, three rocks and one hunk of driftwood.  The water is now clear enough to see all these fish through the glass thanks to one little black fish.  Amazing.

While I was at the till making my purchases, a girl of about 8 years was fiddling with the display of poppies on sale for Remembrance Day.  She must have been in the store with an adult who had disappeared or who may have dropped her off for a fun time there while they shopped nearby for more adult toys.  (It is right next door to Future Shop)  She was just hanging around the till and looked a bit bored.  She looked up at me (I was wearing a poppy) and asked, “What are these for?”  I was at first a bit stunned.  Didn’t she go to school?  Don’t they teach kids anything in school anymore? Maybe she is one of those kids who doesn’t listen?  How could she not know what the poppies were for?  So I explained to her that they were to help us remember the people who had fought and died in the great wars so that we could live in a safe country in freedom.  She heard the “war” word and immediately asked if they were evil?  I assured her that no, they actually believed that they were fighting against evil in those wars. 

But, Oh dear.  I am not sure she got it at all.  She was muttering “evil” under her breath as she wandered off.

And perhaps she is partly correct.  All war is evil, even for the good causes.  Peace between all is how God intended humankind to live.  But I guess we have managed to mess that plan up fairly well.  So we have wars.  People fight for the rightness of some cause or government.  And much pain is experienced by both sides in the process.  Sometimes, I suppose, it is necessary to fight for what is right, to keep evil at bay.  Someday we may learn to settle things without resorting to war but meanwhile… 

Until then we must not forget the gift of freedom others long ago fought for, for the many soldiers who have died to maintain peace in far off places, and all the innocents that died in the crossfire.  We must remember and pray to God for better ways for nations to work things out, for God’s love for others to control our leaders decisions and for an end to cruelty and hatred for people different from ourselves.

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