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Sunday night.  It was a good party, everyone got enough pizza.  And on the way back driving home from the Little Red River Park it was raining!

What crazy weather.

Now one more get together.  My sister and her kids are here from Alberta.  They have been up seeing my dad in hospital.  Now we will all get together for a bit tonight.

We have been fighting with our crazy furnace again this weekend – some problem with the pump that circulates the water in the pipes.  Bought three new electric heaters yesterday to keep us warm while it is being fixed.

I am tired.  But when I get home the house is warm for the first time in two days.

One more day of work.  Then Christmas.

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Here's a cool site

Found this Advent calendar via Jordon 

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Halfway through

Time keeps moving on and going faster it seems.  Preparing for the coming of Christ is what Advent is all about.  Remember to take a few minutes from your rushing around and do that.  Remember a couple of good sites – Prepare the Way and Following the Star.

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Getting into the spirit of things

It helps to get into the Christmas spirit when all the trees are decorated in sparkling white.

So tonight the lights went onto our tree, some silver garland and the ornaments we have collected over the last ten years.  Our rather “interesting” Fraser fir with it’s crooked top and not too even trim has been transformed into a thing of beauty. 

We are starting to get ready.  Even the Tourtiere is made – all six of them.  But now there are only 5.  At this rate I will be making more before Christmas.

And today, early I celebrated a little of my Swedish heritage by going to Birdie’s Santa Lucia celebration.  Yum – cardamom rolls and spicy cookies and best of all – good strong coffee.

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Partying On

The party season started for me yesterday.  First one – our dental lab.  The owners at South Hill are taking a trip back to Chili at Christmas this year so now their party is done and they can start packing.  Best feature of their annual get together, besides themselves, was the homemade salsa.  Was a great compliment to the turkey sandwich.

Tonight we are off to Leo’s staff party – always a big affair with several hundred people.  He has to be there at the beginning since he is saying grace.  And I had better go and get ready!

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Blogging through Advent

If you are looking for some good reading to help you prepare for Advent, check out Prepare the Way.  It’s a great site done by Steve McMillan.

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Preparing for Christmas

Via Brad Boydston – a daily devotional series Following the Star to take us from Advent  to Epiphany

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