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The last toutiere has just come out of the oven. Seven. Should do us for Christmas Eve and maybe a couple other meals over the holidays.

The tree is up and decorated. It is a beautiful tree. Gaudet’s – a local tree grower. Choose one that is heavy. They are all bundled up so it is not as if one can see what they are getting. But we have a beauty! Rachelle was a great help. Mostly I held Ronin while she decorated. That was also good.

Sara writes her two last exams tomorrow.

Shopping is pretty much done.

Christmas is coming.

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Baby pictures

Doesn’t he have the most beautiful hair!  He looks a lot like his dad – so far.  Has dad’s forhead and nose.

You will find a set of pictures of this little guy if you click on this Flikr link

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Day one of vacation

Today is the first of a few days off.  Yesterday and Monday too were stat holidays but the next few days are simply off.  Buisness gets real slow between the two holidays so we generally just close.  We would rather be home than waiting for patients who forget to come; we would rather be sleeping in ourselves than waiting for patients who do not come because they slept in.

Yesterday I sat soaking in the tub for over an hour using some of the wonderful stuff my staff gave me.  I haven’t done that for a long long time.  And all my family got to eat was leftovers and some cook it yourself pizza. 

I began reading one of the books I got a while back to read for my personal interest project for my class.  My project is on women and spirituality so I am reading a couple of the early women mystics and some of the deeply spiritual women writers of this and the past century.   On my wish list to read are works by Theresa of Avila, Marie de l’Incarnation, Simone Weil, Dorothy Day, Sue Monk Kidd and Joan Chittister.  If I had more time I would read some of the other early women mystics too.  But I seriously think I need to read and take the time to think about what these women wrote and no try to read everything just now.  Reading the ancient writings of these women mystics takes awhile.  The style of writing is so different that it sometimes gets in the way of grasping the understanding of the message.  Therefore I need to stop and think about the essence of what they are saying and what God wants me to here from them as well. 

I want to hear from these women some of what it means to be a woman created in the image of God.  I have been following the discussions over at Jesus Creed for the past few months as well and have learned a lot from those discussions – some good and some of the oppressive sort of stuff we women have lived with for ages.  Some of what I am reading now deals with these attitudes and I will share some of this in later posts.

One of the best things about being on vacation for me is a lot of time to read – guilt free time off.

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The Night Before the Night Before

I have been running full steam all day.  I think we are going to make it.  Presents are wrapped – mostly.  It always seems to be about now that I realize that one of the kids has no requests and I have no clue as to what they want.  Cold hard cash always seems to work. 

Anyway it is just about too late to do anything different.  I am about worn out.  My feet are killing me and I am too tired to use the foot soak stuff my front staff gave me.


And this is supposed to be fun?  This is celebrating? 

I think I need a good sleep.  Please God, keep Leo from snoring tonight – well, keep him breathing though.  Oh, you know what I mean God.  Keep us both in the safety of your hand and give us good rest.  We do want to be in a celebrating spirit for the day we remember your birth.

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Tonight the tree crashed

What more can one say.  I lost a very beautiful handpainted ornament that was a gift from a staff member and a couple other handmade things as well. 

Stupid tree stand.

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Getting Ready

Getting ready for an event as momentous as Christmas takes a lot of effort.  I think it would be nice to go to someone else’s place for a Christmas sometime – less work getting my house ready – but then I would miss having all the kids home.  So, I guess my place is going to be the gathering place for mnay more years to come. 

Today, being the day when I have to get most everything doen, began early.  I got up early and then fell asleep reading.  The second time I woke up I did really have to get going.  Headed out to do the last minuste shopping. 

Did it ever snow during the night!  I parked in Leo’s spot inside the garage and was sure glad.  I did not have to shovel my vehicle out from a snowbank and with the 4 wheel drive was able to back out of the driveway through a couple of snowdrifts.  With the snow and the relatively early hour it was still quiet downtown. 

Most of my day was spent shopping.  But I think I am set – mostly – for gifts. 

The pork was cooking overnight and when I got back from shopping it had cooled – ready to chop up for the tourtiere.  Nine pies ready.  Milk and eggs in the fridge for the rice pudding.  Ham, turkey and even frozen cabbage rolls.  We won’t starve.  Even if we are about 20 around the table.

We even got the tree up.  It isn’t decorated yet but it stands upright in a lot of water.  By tomorrow the branches should be spread out ready to go.  I am hoping the kids will get the urge to put the lights on.

Tomorrow will be another full day with the annual Christms Pizza party at church.  Fun and games for all.

And that about does it for today.

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Santa Lucia

Today is Santa Lucia Day in Sweden.  I guess it kicks off the 2 week period before Christmas. 

Today I was able to get up to Birdie’s before work.  Leo and I were the first ones to arrive actually – both of us having to be at work around 7:30.  The Lucia maiden sang to us and we enjoyed some good coffee and buns.

My mother was Swedish so this part of my heritage should be celebrated but it is not something we did when I was growing up.  There were other things my mom did that were very Swedish – Jullotta service early Christmas morning, lutefisk and pickled herring,(not very pleasant IMHO), spritz cookies, potato sausage and spiced beef roll. 

I tend to do the things that are simplest and take the least effort.  I’m afraid that my kids get a bit cheated out of some of the special things I could do.  But I will make the tourtiere from my husbands French Canadian heritage.

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