What could you possibly want to know about me?  

I live in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.  If you can say Saskatchewan, then you probably know where it is.  My family and I have lived here forever.  My ancestors homesteaded to a farm just north of here in the early 1900’s, when things were pretty primitive in these parts.  My husband and I and our children moved back here in 1991 from the Congo(RDC) and here we are still.

I am married to Leo; have been for 37 years now.  We have 7 children: 3 birth children, 2 borrowed and 2 adopted children. We have the privilege of a racially mixed family with the four youngest having racial roots in the Congo.  They are all getting pretty well grown up now.  Sara is still at home for her first year of university.  Some of our children are married, some single and some significantly attached.  We have at present three grandchildren with a couple more on the way.  

I practice dentistry and have always enjoyed my profession.  Most of my time is spent in private practice, with some of my off time spent in a publicly funded school dental program for high needs kids.  

I am presently enrolled in a certificate program, becoming a spiritual director.  Helping introduce others to a deeper life spiritually, helping them to see God at work in their lives is a work that also brings me much joy.  As I begin to approach retirement, we will see where God takes me with this.

3 responses to “About

  1. I here I was, getting excited to read a bio!

  2. Brian Block

    Hey. While Googling “Ronin”, I found your flicker link. Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that there’s another “baby Ronin” out there, my son, Ronin Bodhi Block, born 3/29/06.

    We gave my daughter a doozie of a name too, Satya Raven Block.

  3. I was looking for a quote from John O´Donohue and suddenly I am here. Just want to say hello. I enjoyed reading some of your writings.
    Blessings from Berlin, Germany

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