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Black and White – Winter is still here.

I just set a new header picture and realize it looks very stark – black and white – winter is still here. It is not a black and white picture just the world is black and white since the last snowfall. Before it was beginning to feel and look like spring – streets mostly melted clear and the ground showing through the ice. Winter seems to have set in again. This is Saskatchewan I guess.

I have been spending a huge amount of time in the Archibald Library. Last night I was there till it closed at ten. My head was so tired by the time I got home. Sometimes in spite of being so tired it is hard to sleep and that was the case last night. Had to wake up in time for an on-line class; which I did. But as the discussion with the prof went on, I realized how much I still need to learn – all about how Luther and Calvin and the Anabaptists and the Catholics understood justification, and the sacraments and the idea of free will. Very heady stuff. Made my head spin anyway.

Then back to the library to slog away at my Greek exegesis paper. Till 6.

But since it is Friday (isn’t this the day one is supposed to let loose and have fun?) I spent the evening doing something I consider fun. I went back to the library to read some of my poetry in an evening event designed to showcase the writing arts. Shared my reflection on Psalm 62:9, which you can read below. Its not new but it makes me want to be done all this studying so I can get back to doing things I love. Well, I do love studying a bit. I guess.

Psalm 62:9 (NLT)

From the greatest to the lowliest –
All are nothing in his sight.
If you weigh them on the scales,
They are lighter than a puff of air.

Small Breaths

A puff of air
No more,
Scarcely even a breath,
Our days are nothing.
We are born.
We live,
Hardly even a small breath
Exhaled quickly
For the Divine.
Then we are still.

Yet, he esteems
Us; small
Breaths. Gathering us he
Raises a current.
Zephyrs trusted
To carry
Gossamer seeds. Moving them
To good soil;
O Breath of God
Your breath in us.

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