Have you ever thought about . . .

What happened to the church in Jerusalem in AD 70 when the city was destroyed by Rome and Jews were banned from the city and the surrounding area?

Well I had never thought much about it till this question kept poking at me – and caused me to choose this to write about for my first church history paper.

I learned a lot of stuff I had never even been curious about. The person of James – as one author says – he may have been more concerned with purity than his older brother.
And I wonder what would have happened if Paul hadn’t fought so hard for freedom from the Torah law for the Gentiles.

History is very interesting as one starts to dig around.


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2 responses to “Have you ever thought about . . .

  1. I’m presently reading Josephus Wars Of The Jews and Antiquities (started them both) and it’s interesting to read about those eras, even if his writings aren’t entirely accurate. As for Paul, I rather wonder if it wasn’t God’s Spirit fighting so hard against the Torah law (which Paul had no personal reason to oppose). Jesus had a few things to say about it too, mostly uncomplimentary, and very fitting for human-inspired traditions and structures.

  2. It is very interesting to read those old historians.Not quite history as we know it – at least in the factual sense – but engaging for sure. I also think the Holy Spirit moved the church along in the direction God desired and I’m thankful for that since otherwise we would not likely be in the church.
    As for Torah law, I think Jesus was teaching us to obey the spirit of God’s law, not just to toe up to the letter of the law. We do read of incidents where Jesus broke the letter of the law in order to keep the spirit of the law especially in his Sabbath healings.
    Have you ever read Eusebius? Lots of legend in his Ecclesiastical History but interesting stuff.