It grows on one

The one being me.

The other day as I was driving back from Moose jaw towards Caronport I found myself looking off at the horizon and thinking; “God has made some beautiful country out here.” There is a hill actually that I had not paid attention to before and it caught my eye thinking of Psalm 121. “I lift my eyes up to the hills, Does my help come from there?” No. The presence of God does not depend on the presence of hills or mountains or trees or any created thing. They are nice to look at but they are really only signposts to the one who created them and who is always present.

Then I joined a house church group (which is really more like a small group than a separate church gathering) and the scripture we delved into was Psalm 121. I got to know some local people and I think I needed that as much as the reminder that God’s presence is constant – hills or no hills.

So this Sunday I am making a trek into Moose Jaw to check out the Anglican church which has a very welcoming web site and since I now know a couple others who attend there, I am hoping to find a home away from home there. I find myself longing for the richness of liturgy and should get a good dose there.


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2 responses to “It grows on one

  1. Hi Linea, have you brought Leo over with you, or are you popping home occasionally?

  2. No. I plan to go home once a month or so. Leo still has to work to pay for my adventures!