I decided about a month ago that I simply had to get in shape.  Sitting in front of a computer studying or going out for “coffee” with the women I have been caring about in Edmonton has not been good for my waist line or for my physical condition.  I was basically getting fat and lazy.  I think that a person actually loses energy as one does less and then it becomes a vicious cycle. 

So, anyway, I joined Curves.  An exercise place for women. 

This week I have managed to go four times.  I wonder if my body is getting in better shape?

Did you know that all of their exercise machines have little chips readers that set the machine’s resistance on an individual basis?  So as I go around this little computer chip is my personal slave driver telling me to go harder, faster, harder, more repetitions.  A virtual slave driver. And I pay for this. 

What have I come to!

Tonight I have very sore feet.  I have no idea if I have lost an ounce of weight but I do  believe I feel more energetic. 

But it hurts. 

Thank God for ibuprofen.

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