Advent – Waiting

Seems about time to see if this blog can find new life. I wonder if things have shifted enough in how I use my time to allow me time to do some reflecting in this space.  Not sure anyone reads this anymore but mostly this is for me anyway.

I checked outside first thing this morning.  Snow again in the night.  Quite a lot.

Winter came early this year.  Now here it is, Advent already.

I seem to have expectations about Advent that are out of sync with the culture around me.  I wish I knew if this was a good or bad thing.  I love Christmas but it seems as if for most people Advent is simply a hurtling into Christmas.  As if now we are in for it in earnest so lets start the decorating and presents buying; lets get the latest decorations and put them up quickly before this season passes. 

There is a part of me that wants to do this too but am I just succumbing to the pressure of my consumerist culture? 

The other part of me screams, “WAIT!”  Advent is a time to wait.  But nobody seems to want to wait.  Including Christians.  They want to leave behind the purple of Advent and rush towards decorations – red and green and gold and all the sparkly things, the glitter and lights. 

It seems to me, and I may be wrong – as I usually seem to be – that we need to wait.  We need to consider the reasons for the waiting.  The whole universe waited for millennia till God sent his own son.  Then his presence was among us – he became one of us – was born, grew up in a human family, taught, was misunderstood, died, conquered evil and rose to offer us life too.  And now we wait for him again.  We need to remember that we are waiting people – waiting for our hope of a new creation, new life and freedom.  And while we wait we have his presence with us.  He did not leave us alone to wait in the dark.

There is so much we can learn if we take the time to wait.  A baby will arrive in good time.  Then we will celebrate!


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  1. Jane Dice Schule


  2. Gail Constant

    Linea, how you would love the Advent season in Sweden. Simple, clean, classy … white lights in the windows, four white candles with one more being lit each week, then Lucia on Dec 13 with white dresses and more candles and beautiful music, concerts galore, and a tastefully decorated tree with white candles and straw & wooden ornaments put up just before Christmas Eve. Churches everywhere are filled to the breaking point and people sing and listen and worship together. Just wonderful … I’m a little homesick.

  3. Jane, How nice to hear from you.
    Gail, It sounds beautiful. I think I would like it too.

  4. Wonderful thoughts. And welcome back. I’ve been checking back every day just in case!

  5. Then, hundreds of years later, born in Bethlehem, a small town in the Roman Empire, their hope is finally realized, but with a twist, because Jesus is not the earthly warrior-king many expected. And even after waiting, the final realization of the Messiah’s eternal reign is still yet to be seen, coming in the future, when the baby born in Bethlehem returns in power to judge the living and the dead. All of this makes our own waiting seem pretty insignificant. Somehow waiting five extra minutes for a dried out bun and a tiny piece of meat from a fast-food restaurant seems pretty trivial.

  6. Christmas starts Christmas eve for me. Only I have the church Christmas dinner to organise, along with carols & all that.

    Christmas eve.

    Maybe buy a tree tomorrow to leave in the garden until next weekend.

  7. linealanoie

    So, Toni, Christmas starts on Christmas Eve for you – meaning you do decorating that night? No prior preparations? Then do you observe Christmas tide for the 12 days following? Or what do you do to celebrate the incarnation?