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Moving Day

I spent the day (well most of it) yesterday helping a friend move.  J is one of the women at Sanctuary Covenant where I am finishing up my pastoral internship.  Like many of the women who worship with us, she is single and has health issues that keep her from working a full time job. When an emergency arose in her life, she panicked and moved out of town to a situation that was way less than ideal.  Of course circumstances change and they did quickly – thanks be to God!  and she is back in the city now able to move into a new suite. 

Yesterday was moving day. I never thought that this would be part of my job description.  I had much loftier ambitions for the women – spending time in Bible studies and prayer together.  Did not think that in many instances I would be the answer God was sending them. 

I was not alone in this endeavour.  I have never seen men with trucks who so fully embodied the command to go the extra mile for someone in need.  They did so without any sense of obligation, did the job with cheerful spirits and gave freely of their time and fuel to drive the 150 or so Kms to get the job done.  A banker,an administrator, a student and a pastor all working together to help.

And I have to say, she needed to get her stuff out of there.  the “friend” that gave her a place to stay (charging rent of course) had the most filthy place – full of pet urine and feces, full of junk and boxes, full of nastiness.  No place for a human to stay!  We will never let her return to such horrid circumstances.

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