How can a baby …

get older when I am sure his mother has hardly doubled her age?  It seems strange to think that he is 38 already.  That age even sounds a bit on the old side to me. 

But there he is.  Thirty eight already.  Having to watch his blood pressure no less!  With one super smart and strong willed 3 year old child catching on too quickly to how to manipulate words and the next baby only about three months from being born. 

He has almost grown up. 


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4 responses to “How can a baby …

  1. I remember my parent complaining how their parents continued to treat them as kids and then immediately continuing to treat us as kids. In some ways our kids can’t grow up, as we continue to see them from the same distance as when we first held them.

  2. Linea

    No, we have to let them grow up, for sure. I think it is actually more fun as we do. Still we hold them close at the same time as we let them go.

  3. Oh I’m a huge fan of letting them grow up, just realizing that I keep growing and so there’s a certain constant to the distance 🙂