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How can a baby …

get older when I am sure his mother has hardly doubled her age?  It seems strange to think that he is 38 already.  That age even sounds a bit on the old side to me. 

But there he is.  Thirty eight already.  Having to watch his blood pressure no less!  With one super smart and strong willed 3 year old child catching on too quickly to how to manipulate words and the next baby only about three months from being born. 

He has almost grown up. 


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It’s a wonder

Kids Klub this week was pretty tame compared to the last couple of weeks when the young men who are really too old for kids stuff dropped by anyway for a free supper and an occasion to try and drive the supervising adults crazy.  Tonight it was just kids.  The boys who made themselves unwelcome last week were nowhere to be seen.  Thank you to their parents for some great help. 

We were about 23 kids tonight.  I had the story telling and craft duty tonight and the story was Jacob and Esau.  Twins but not at all alike.  So we looked at things that were similar but not quite identical.  Then we talked about the things we are good at – our gifts and how we are all different.  God loves all of us even though we are all different and have different skills. 

Taught the story once to the older kids and then again to the wee ones. 

Then I came home exhausted. So I veged out in front of the TV for a bit with Nan.  We laughed together at the Dumbest Things on Wheels and wondered how they arrange to get such crazy videos.  I wonder if people are really that desperate to get their failed stunts on TV that they would risk injury to do it? 

People never fail to amaze me. 

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Hopes and Dreams

This weekend is full of the meaning of hopes and dreams.  Judy and Kendell will be married at about this time tomorrow.  Love will find its home in their hopes and dreams for a life together.

And my dreams? And hopes? Well I will be trying out the pastor role in new ways as I lead them in the service of marriage.  I think all is ready.  But who really knows?  I want it all to go perfectly – for their sake and mine to I guess.  

But the real test of what we accomplish tomorrow will be how they approach life together from here on.  Praying that God will bless his work tomorrow.

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Massa arrived quite early this morning to help me catch my fish.  I came home from a trip up to the high school giving Nan an extra chance to drive to find Massa already at work draining water from the pond.  (Nan is trying hard to improve his driving skills so that he will pass on his next attempt at the drivers test.)

On the weekend, I purchased a used fish aquarium – 55 gallons, 48 inches long with a stand to put it on.  Not a bad price except after we got it home we found that the light had broken.  Purchasing a new light made it a little less of a fantastic deal.  I would have talked them down a few more dollars if I had known.  Oh well.  What’s done is done.

Any way, the fish spent the day in a large pail.  Nan helped me fill the tank when he came home from school and then we went driving again – this time to the pet store for the light and to get some more water conditioner.  Fresh water was added to the pail so the fish could begin to adjust to new conditions but they were still in the pail.

After supper, Zaka asked every few minutes if we could put the fish in the aquarium yet.  Finally I figured enough time had passed and that the moment of transfer had come.  We netted the three fish that we had in the pail and off they went in a plastic bag to their new home.  But I knew we had put four fish in that pail.  Zaka and I went back to double check that we still didn’t have one fish in the bottom of the pail.  Nope, nowhere to be found until — I began to search around the kitchen.  On the floor, under one of the counter stools, there was one drying out fish gasping for air.  I scooped him up and into the tank he went. A few minutes went by before he began to swim.  Now, just by looking, you wouldn’t know he’d had a brush with death. 

I think fish jump.  This one surprised me with more vigour than I thought.  He’s a survivor.  So far.  We will hope for the best overnight.

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