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And the Band Plays On

It has been a day. 

The Veritas Seminar has been well worth our precious Saturday morning time.  Gerald Froese led us through the process of assessing where we are as a church – Healthy Missional, Stable, Critical Moment, or At Risk.  That was very interesting.  Seems the general feeling is that we are somewhere between a Critical state and Stable with a strong desire to move towards healthy and missional. 

Now may God give us strength to follow his lead.  There seem to be some things we are working at that definitely are getting us out into the community around us. 

I, personally have been fighting off some sort of illness.  I thought that I had simply picked up a cold and that yesterday it was pretty much over.  Then last night and today the aching started.  So after getting home from the seminar, I headed straight to bed.  Only got up to go for a practice drive with Nan, who drives his driver’s test on Monday. Parallel parked at least six times.  If he keeps his wits about him I think he will pass. 

Then home, grilled a few smokies for supper and went to bed again.

And then the band showed up.  Makeshift Innocence.  Playing at one of the local pubs tonight and then at On The Rocks in Edmonton  on Sunday night.  They will all find some corner to sleep tonight.  And the rest of the smokies are history.

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The plan. What plan?

Some days I think I am losing it.  Not sure what “it” is but I think it is my mind.  For sure it is my sense of organization.

Last week I missed a deadline for a class paper.

Today I discovered that I booked myself out of the office for the next two weeks.  Totally forgot about it.  So I now have two weeks to let my brain catch up with the rest of me.

I really do wonder what that says about my brain.  It’s not like it has to move fast – just wish it would move in an orderly fashion.  A non-administrative out of control spinning brain.  Quite a scary picture.

So I will attempt to stop the spinning, prepare for the marriage ceremony I’ll be  performing in two weeks, catch up on my class work and spend some serious reflection time with God. 

Sounds like a plan. 

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Cool days ahead


Today, being a “day off”, I took some of my class readings outside, sat in the lawn chair and read for awhile.  It looks like a day of mixed cloud and sun but there is a certain nip in the air that forebodes cooler days to come.  The sun is not as hot as it was last week.  Will we see temperatures in the 30’s again this year?  I doubt it.  The leaves are already beginning to turn and I saw a prediction for frost this week.  I like the cooler weather but  it also brings the promise of winter.  Which is long. 

I think I will enjoy these last days when I can sit outside in Capri’s and sandals -  with no mittens on. 

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I have not dropped off the planet.

It just feels as if the planet has dropped on me some days.  This house of mine has been so busy over the summer that I have scarcely had time to keep track of everyone and who would be here to eat the next meal.  so blogging has been on hold. 

We had great visitors though.  And it was a good summer.  Just busy.

There were Rachelle, Asen and Ronin for a few weeks, Father Marcel who as I write is on a plane back to Belgium after almost 3 months(where did that time go so fast?), Nan who has come to live with us, Christian in and out, soon to be back, Grace and Zaka as their house is renovated.  And then short visits from Faith and Hugh and their daughter Amie, Steve and baby Aya.  Other family members showed up to see them too.

Many, many barbeques have been held in our back yard.  Plus an ice cream social for the whole church.

Yep its been busy.

Now the busyness of class starts again.  Two weeks in already and as essay due next weekend.  Preaching tomorrow.  Internship part time, dentistry part time, full time mom and grandma.  That’s my life.

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