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Over the Past Month

Do you know how procrastination complicates life and makes it rather embarrassing to finally turn in the overdue work?  Coming back to this space feels a bit like that.  Badly neglected.

So, in pictures and a few brief words here is what the past month has held – in part.  Chicago for another class – Pastoral Care and Counselling.  Finishing up my homework this week end.


Chicago was not all about class – visiting friends kept me IMGP0206 busy in the evenings.

Then a stop in Toronto on the way back.  Saw Niagara for the first time


and got soaked on the Maid of the Mist.


Since getting back, since Father Marcel is visiting us from Belgium, there has been non-stop guests at our house – mostly my own kids who have no fear of showing up at mealtime. We also welcomed a young boarder to our home, a young Chinese guy.  There is always room for one more somewhere 🙂

And last weekend I made soup for 160 or so guests at the Soup on Saturday our church hosted.  Here I am dishing up the last pot.  Made three this size.  Good soup too.


Since it was the Canada Day weekend one of our assistants really got into the act.  Lloyd was a hit! 


And on Canada Day itself we drove up to Prince Albert National Park for the day.  We had a good time even though it was pretty cold and windy.  Massa was much braver than the little kids who wanted to go in the water till we got right there.



Things may get back to normal – whatever that is – soon.  May even begin to write here regularly again.  Miracles happen.

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