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My family

Today is just one of those days when my own kids give me lots to pray about. 

Oldest son is presently in surgery for an unhealed broken collar bone.  Praying it goes well and that he heals from this well and quickly.

One grandson has a rash of unknown origin – the internet is wonderful for grandpa’s on-line diagnosis.

One daughter just struggling with the challenges of life as a single mom with too little money.

Me struggling with loving them all very much and wanting things to turn out well for them all and knowing I am quite powerless to make it all better.  Was easier when they just scraped knees.


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What a gorgeous day

It has been warm with sunshine – a perfect day to work in my garden.  I spent part of my day acquiring some new plants and some good soil to plant them in and another good part of the day planting and fixing up in the yard.  As you can see from the photo, dogs are hard on grass and I will have to do some reseeding.


But I love our yard.  If it weren’t for the mosquitoes I’d be out there now reading or maybe snoozing in the hammock. 

I got a few new pond plants this year.  My fish seem to have eaten almost all of the pond lettuce already.  But the other plants are fine and maybe the lettuce will recover.  I was in the pond this afternoon arranging rocks and plants and was surprised that the water wasn’t colder.  Summer is almost here I think.


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The Big Event

We spent yesterday celebrating with Sara.  She received her BSc in Kinesiology from the U of S and this wraps up four years of good hard work for her.  It was a good day.  Lots of pomp and circumstance


and what seemed like endless hand clapping as 500 to 600 of the 3000 other graduates also received their degrees that morning too.  It was the 100th graduation from the university so there were new and distinctive gowns and hats for the PhD’s that also received their degrees yesterday.  You might just be able to see the gown worn by the person just to your left past the left podium.  I guess I missed getting a close up – there were so many people packed into the lobby after the ceremony that it was hard to move, let alone get a photo!  We stepped outside to take a couple of shots of Sara and Jory(her boyfriend) by the decorative banners.


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