Tiny cracks in the wall

Another Kids Klub,another 25 or so kids played with, fed and watered.  Another exhausting evening.  Good, you know, but entirely exhausting.  I think my age is showing maybe. 

Two moms showed up tonight to come and get their  kids.  We don’t have a lot of contact with the parents so it is special when a mom shows up, comes in and joins us for enough time to get a bit acquainted.  Names were exchanged.  They commented how much their kids like to come. 

One tiny crack in the wall between the church and the community around us.

When these little cracks show up the exhaustion becomes worth it.  The act of storytelling takes on a new value – even if the telling is done at the top of my lungs while another couple of adults assist me in managing the herd. 

The story tonight was the transformation that took place in Peter – from a betrayer to a man Jesus left in charge. I wonder – is transformation underway in these kids?  I may never see it – but then again, there are occasionally tiny glimpses of God at work that even I can see.  For one, I’m starting to love these kids!

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