New camera

This weekend while I was in Saskatoon I picked up a nice little digital camera – purse sized.  My last one met with an untimely end.  The LCD screen seemed to have received a fatal blow.  It is hard to take pictures when you can’t see what you are shooting. 

The one I chose was a Pentax Optio RZ10.  I didn’t do a lot of research but I like what it can do and the feel of it in my hand.  Besides the button are placed well and the price was extremely right.  I was on sale.  Hard to resist.

So today I took it out for some trying out.  It was a gorgeous day, a bit windy, but all in all perfect for pictures and for walking in the outdoors.  Seems to take nice pictures.


The zoom on it is not bad for a little camera either.

yellow headed blackbird 1

I think I am going to have fun with this.


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3 responses to “New camera

  1. Odd… I left a comment when you first posted, but it seems to have disappeared. Great pictures! I miss being out of the city. I need to do a retreat where I can birds like that!

  2. They look great. As they say, the best camera in the world is the one that you have with you… and you can see through the LCD.