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Tiny cracks in the wall

Another Kids Klub,another 25 or so kids played with, fed and watered.  Another exhausting evening.  Good, you know, but entirely exhausting.  I think my age is showing maybe. 

Two moms showed up tonight to come and get their  kids.  We don’t have a lot of contact with the parents so it is special when a mom shows up, comes in and joins us for enough time to get a bit acquainted.  Names were exchanged.  They commented how much their kids like to come. 

One tiny crack in the wall between the church and the community around us.

When these little cracks show up the exhaustion becomes worth it.  The act of storytelling takes on a new value – even if the telling is done at the top of my lungs while another couple of adults assist me in managing the herd. 

The story tonight was the transformation that took place in Peter – from a betrayer to a man Jesus left in charge. I wonder – is transformation underway in these kids?  I may never see it – but then again, there are occasionally tiny glimpses of God at work that even I can see.  For one, I’m starting to love these kids!

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New camera

This weekend while I was in Saskatoon I picked up a nice little digital camera – purse sized.  My last one met with an untimely end.  The LCD screen seemed to have received a fatal blow.  It is hard to take pictures when you can’t see what you are shooting. 

The one I chose was a Pentax Optio RZ10.  I didn’t do a lot of research but I like what it can do and the feel of it in my hand.  Besides the button are placed well and the price was extremely right.  I was on sale.  Hard to resist.

So today I took it out for some trying out.  It was a gorgeous day, a bit windy, but all in all perfect for pictures and for walking in the outdoors.  Seems to take nice pictures.


The zoom on it is not bad for a little camera either.

yellow headed blackbird 1

I think I am going to have fun with this.


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It has been one week, well two if you count the Tuesday before when I was feeling shivery and my head was beginning to build up pressure.  But since last Wednesday, I have really had it bad.  I’ve had a fever every day, a nose producing enormous amounts of mucous, aching all over, etc.  You probably know only too well just what I mean. 

But I wake up each morning with hope.  The medications give me a false sense that maybe today I will be able to breathe.  And then it hits me again – those telltale shaky chills and I crawl back into bed. 

I did make it to work last Thursday and Friday and survived.  Hope I didn’t breathe any germs onto any of you.  My mask was securely in place and I washed or disinfected my hands thoroughly. 

I did make it down to Saskatoon for Sara’s grad banquet – couldn’t miss that.  She has completed four years of Kinesiology and now is qualified to …go back and take more classes to see if she can boost her marks up high enough to apply for physiotherapy again – or occupational.  She is worried about her killer class in Physiology which she does not have the marks for yet.  But anyway, she is off to Mexico with three of her girlfriends to holiday.

I did not make it to church Sunday, spent much of Monday in bed, have been up and down all day today.  I am sick of being sick!  I will miss tonight’s meeting at church and if all goes well will get out of the house to the school where I should be working tomorrow.  Everyday there is a miniscule amount of improvement. 

I seem to have hope for a return to normalcy sometime in the future.  Maybe tomorrow.  I suppose this cold is not fatal.


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