This will never do

I have been ignoring this space far too much.  I am not sure why. Perhaps it is just that I don’t have the energy – or the will to give it what it needs.  I don’t have the energy or enthusiasm for it that I once had.  Maybe I should just leave it but I hang on to it anyway.

I have been pouring myself into my studies and they are not particularly conducive to interesting posts.  Well, maybe they would be but that would take almost as much effort as writing one of my weekly responses required for my classes.  And simply posting them would be to present material which no one else has done any research on so could hardly know where I am coming from.

Right now I have been working through “Just War”, Pacifism, and “Just Peacemaking” in my ethics class.  I find the material extremely interesting and productive in the sense that it has helped me to formulate and articulate my views on this.  Our text Love Your Enemies: Discipleship, Pacifism, and Just War Theory by Lisa Sowle Cahill is excellent.   I find myself leaning towards pacifism but think that “Just Peacemaking” is probably closer to where I am philosophically.  There is lots of good material on this concept, which is a rather new one, on Glen Stassen’s Fuller Seminary site

It is challenging to consider how just peacemaking could be put into practical application in some of the worlds hot spots these days.  Thing is, I believe that we need to start working far ahead of time in all potential areas of conflict to promote peace and not just react to a crisis, having ignored conditions which led up to it.

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  1. No pressure Linea – just post as you wish/need.