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Spring ? Break



This has been the week of Spring Break in my seminary schedule. Not that it is spring up here. It is 10 below C at this moment.

This week I have not had the pressure of replying to on-line questions, reading pages and pages of information in books or posted on-line. It has felt a bit strange in some ways to have time to do other things, to watch TV, to have lunch out. It has in general been a good week.

In fact, this morning as I was in the shower getting ready for work (at the dental office) a song I had written a few years ago popped into my head – words of poetry that I never did complete. That got me to thinking; maybe this is one of the things I miss most about being engrossed in studies – being able to write poetry, to do photography as a way of recording my own sense of wonder at God’s creation. If I completely abandon these things, will I be able to take them up again?

Then I thought – it is past time for my winter retreat. Wonder if I can squeeze it in to my weekend?


Maybe I will take off to a more northern place to just spend some time with God and my camera tomorrow.

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