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Canadian, eh?

You bet.

And by this time tomorrow there should be two new citizens that have joined the ranks. 

Christian and Yaounde have passed their tests and all they must do is get sworn in.  Massa will have another go at the test but it will come.  Hard stuff to know for a struggling with English guy. 

Celebrations will be in order.


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It is our last full day in Costa Rica.  We will take the kids on a short nature walk in the jungle this morning and then go off to the hot springs – Tabacon- for the afternoon.


This is the view from the hotel window.  A stunning view over the lake.The road to Tabacon from here is very slow – about 10K ph slowing for the many rocks – but the hot springs resort is so nice.


The water in that stream is about 30 C – like a hot bath.  Tomorrow back to winter.

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Been in Costa Rica a week

This is crazy.  I am relaxing too hard to have time to post any of the pictures I’ve taken.

Actually, when I did have some time the internet was down.  So, I will see if I can squeeze it into my busy schedule in the next couple of days.

We drove about 5 hours today on some of the windiest narrow and rough roads up to the volcano at Arenal.  This resort is no 5 star job.  No coffee pots in rooms.  No clocks in rooms.  Only 2 towels for 4 people.  Pool frigid.  Most items on the menu were not available. 

The saving grace of the place is the exquisite beauty.  We look over Lake Arenal to the volcano.

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