Now I am not meaning to complain but…

It has been a busy Christmas this year, the house full of kids and grandkids. It is beginning to slow down but the house is a bit of a mess and there is left over food almost spilling out of the fridge. I guess I should not have to cook for this next week unless we get sick of left overs.

It has been a bit chaotic and the stillness of a quiet house will be welcome.

This afternoon, Rachelle’s bunch left for Saskatoon where Asen and Ronin were to board a plane for Vancouver. They just called and the flight was cancelled so are on their way back. That means another trip to Saskatoon tomorrow morning and then another to Saskatoon the following day to get Rachelle to the airport. I realize that some people commute to and from work for what is a 90 minute drive – but we don’t and all this driving is tiring and disruptive to the day at the very least. Oh well, life on the prairies.

I am trying to read a very thick text on the history of our denomination for my January class that starts in a week and a half. Have a short paper to write too. I am strangely unambitious. Maybe it is a surfeit of food and sweet treats but I seem to fall asleep in my chair as I read.


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3 responses to “Now I am not meaning to complain but…

  1. Gail Constant

    As to the excess food, we use our “Swedish fridge/freezer” = the balcony. As to getting tired of left overs = too bad! As to getting tire of left over goodies = not going to happen 😉 Driving back and forth to airports and cancelled flights…we’ve been there this year, as most years at Christmas and we feel your frustration. As to falling asleep sitting up, I can do this without the added motivation of digging through a thick book on the history of the Covenant church. Think it’s due mostly to an ambitious holiday season = Happy New Year Linea!

  2. Linea

    We have the same kind of fridge if we need it. The problem with left overs this year was that we had so many although it did make for less need to cook in between the big meals.

    Can you still walk along the canal or did the dumping of snow you got earlier make that hard? Do those swans leave for the winter?

  3. Gail

    The swans stay around all winter and we were discussing tonight whether or not they get bored when the ice is thick. They haven’t bothered rushing up to us when we’ve come with bread. The ducks and geese are SO hungry. We have been for a lot of walks, especially during our Christmas breaks of 11 days each. There are so many dog owners living here tramping down the snow. Jim, Ingrid, Tobi, and Tobi’s sister, Susanne, went for a very long walk around Willen lake after church on Christmas Day. The sun was shining and the air was cold and dry. I decided to stay home and get the vegies ready while the turkey finished cooking.

    It’s tough to be back to the grind this week. I really needed the holiday and enjoyed having company from Germany. Would sometimes like to hurry up retirement but also know that it means I’ll be much older as well.

    Am really enjoying your blogs, Linea. Have shared the link with my daughters who think you write beautifully.