Some good things

There are some days when it almost seems as if a subtle shift happens in the universe. Well, maybe not in the universe as much as in me. It is as if I am suddenly looking at a familiar scene but it has shifted slightly and I can now see it from a new angle. And it looks different. Brighter maybe. Clearer perhaps.

I have felt some of this over the past 24 hours. I’ve gone from one side of the picture to another, one which gives me a better perspective. And so in some things that make me despair, especially things that seem broken and unfixable, I begin to see in the whole situation some of the wonder of what it means to just be human and vulnerable and imperfect. But still loved.

Amazing, really. And wonderful.

Tonight we had a wonderful staff party and I had fun. Maybe I drank a bit more wine than usual. But it was good wine, good company and good food.

Thank you God for all these good things about life.

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