The first Seven Kilos

I bought our Christmas turkey today.  The flyer advertized the price at $0.99 a pound.  The fine print says the turkeys weigh 5 to 7 Kilos.

5 to 7 Kilos.  At seven kgs I would have had to buy at least two.  There was also a whopping big bird in the chest.  Almost 12 kgs.  About the right size for the hordes that will descend on our home Christmas Eve – especially since I supplement it with a ham and tourtiere. 

I will not have room to cook two birds in my oven at once.  Definitely not.  So, I put the big bird in the cart and proceeded to finish my shopping.  The price at the till was not what I expected – closer to $5 a kilo!  But it will feed us all so I looked on the bright side and pay the birds weight in gold.  I think that to be fair they should at least discount the first 7 kilos of the bird.  Or maybe I should read the fine print in the flyer more closely before I go shopping.

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