We arrived on this quaint island last night.  It took four flights to get here.  All day.  About half the time flying and half the time waiting in airports.  The last leg of the trip was in a Dash 8.  My first time and it was kind of fun to fly close enough to the ground to see the terrain as we flew over, although it was getting almost too dark to see much.

Today Leo has been in his conference all day.  And I have been doing what any good wife does while her husband is busy in meetings.  I shopped.  I found myself some wide and comfy shoes, some used books, a new purse to replace the one that ripped on the way here (how convenient eh?  :)) and a cute little red sweater to wear over my black dress to the banquet tomorrow night.  I also found a place that serves the most wonderful breakfasts – Cora’s.  I had seven different kinds of fruit besides the eggs Benedict and homemade hash browns. 

Now my feet are sore and we are supposed to be meeting the CSAM crew at some pub or other for “supper”. 

I have only one picture to eventually display but tomorrow is another day and I do not dare shop for anything else!  Except a flash drive for Leo’s friend.  Trouble is that I may see something else that calls to me as I am out. 

I think I must resist or I will have to go back to work full time again. 

And I do have that essay to finish. 


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4 responses to “Charlottetown

  1. Hope the fall colours are wonderful 🙂

  2. Alexis

    Auntie- we are so obviously related! Is there a gene that codes for shopping?

  3. joye

    sounds like fun. Enjoy yourself. You deserve it.

  4. Linea

    Dave, I was hoping to see some vibrant colours too but I think they had a nor-easter that kind of took most of the leaves off the trees. Still more colour that is left at home.

    And to Alexis – not sure about the gene. Sara has it as badly as I do I think! It is most strongly expressed in me when I see a Sale sign.