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Oh, What a Day!


I think this is the biggest family gathering we have had since my dad’s funeral.  That’s usually the thing that draws everyone back home.  But not today.  Today it was a chance to spend a good last visit, maybe with our auntie besides just a chance to be together as a family.  And sharing a special day like today with her, even if it was only by visits to the nursing home, was a good reason to visit.

All my sisters and my brother were here.  Most of their children were here and most of my children were here.  Altogether, we were 35 since our Spanish lodger joined us too. 

The day started early.  I got up to stuff the turkey and put it on to roast.  I had purchased the biggest turkey I could find in the store – 11.96 Kg. so 6 hours were needed to cook the bird.  Beatriz even got up early to help me peel the potatoes and we chatted together about what kind of big family celebrations her family has in Spain.  Before we left for church the aroma of roast turkey was already filling the air. 

At 1 we all gathered, everyone laden with their contributions to the feast and we had a wonderful time eating and talking long into the afternoon.  Such a gorgeous day.

Family can be very special and I am blessed.  They make me very thankful for the relationships we have that have enriched our lives almost beyond belief.

A day to be thankful and a day to be thankful for.


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