It is funny

or not.  How loneliness just kind of creeps in making one wish for a good long talk.  Not sure just what about.

I do know that no one around here is awake enough to talk about anything after midnight.

Maybe it is just the excess coffee acting up.  I should have known better but it seemed like a good idea to drink two cups while the meeting was going on and I was yawning non-stop.  A retrospective look at life does not do much for the current moment.  I will be more prudent next time.  Famous last words.


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5 responses to “It is funny

  1. Toni

    Know that feeling.


  2. I can identify. As an insomniac, I have come to rely on friends from around the world being online on a chat program at all hours.

  3. I’m always here….:-) Of course, you know that.

  4. Linea

    Sharon, You might not offer if I started calling every time I couldn’t sleep. 🙂

  5. Lisa

    I know that feeling.