I used to write

But lately it just seems hard.  It would do me a world of good to write and sort of let out some of the tension that comes from dealing with difficult situations that life has brought my way.  But, I know that some of the people who read this are just not interested and should I do it?  I also have learned that in spite of my best intentions, what I write affects other members of my family who did not choose to make their lives public.

So, now that you are wondering if Leo and I are having a major issue  – NO.  We are just fine. 

I am simply having to deal with those end of life issues that any of us who care for elderly relatives have to deal with.  And it is just very hard.  I am not the type who makes a decision and that’s that.  I have to agonize over what is best; what is the right course of action. It is easier making decisions for myself, but life and death decisions for another person are a different matter.

Today that is what the day was all about.  It looks like the right decision was made.  The next few days will tell, I guess.  Auntie F is in hospital and is getting good pain control, hydration and tonight when I left her was already looking better. 

Those of you who know my auntie – She and I would appreciate your prayers for her peace and comfort.


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5 responses to “I used to write

  1. Toni

    It’s good to let it out through the fingers, I quite understand. But like you, there are people who read TBOTAM that don’t choose to make themselves visible publicly, and so it’s not always possible to say the things we’d wish.

    But you’re doing it right, even if you wish it could be different.

  2. Linea

    Thanks, Toni. I think you understand exactly the kind of thing I am dealing with.

  3. Jane Dice Schule

    Wonderful that you can be there for Auntie Florence! Yes, these ‘end of life’ issues are very difficult….makes me wonder what each of us will experience as we approach this “aging” business! My memories of Auntie Florence are of her very sweet nature – did she ever utter an unkind word??? I doubt it!
    Congrats. on your 40th this year, too!

  4. Linea

    Jane, I haven’t heard from you for ages! Good to connect with you a bit. Auntie F is still as uncomplaining as ever, even when she is having a lot of pain. She seems to be holding her own right now since she is in hospital and getting lots of care but it does not take much to knock her flat again.

  5. Yep I surely get it.

    And yes, we are praying.