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What a day

I have discovered that it is less tiring to go away to work in an office where you work for 8 or 9 hours at a stretch than to be semi-retired. 

For one thing, you have a neat(more or less) schedule to follow at work and you don’t fit in more than it is possible to do in those 8 or 9 hours.  When one is doing a bit of this and then a bit of that and then taking the grandkids for a spell before rushing off to a meeting in the evening there is barely time to squeeze in the required assignment that has to be posted by the next day for the on-line class.   

And I do not have a receptionist to tell me when the day ends.

Ahh, the life of a pastor wanna be.

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It is funny

or not.  How loneliness just kind of creeps in making one wish for a good long talk.  Not sure just what about.

I do know that no one around here is awake enough to talk about anything after midnight.

Maybe it is just the excess coffee acting up.  I should have known better but it seemed like a good idea to drink two cups while the meeting was going on and I was yawning non-stop.  A retrospective look at life does not do much for the current moment.  I will be more prudent next time.  Famous last words.


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Wrapping it up – mostly

Today I spent my down time at the office labelling and arranging the photos of the last city we visited in Europe.  Barcelona, Spain.  This is a place I wanted to visit specifically to experience some of Gaudi’s architecture.  It could have justified spending a few more days in Spain but… that’s how it goes.  There is never quite enough time to see all the wonders of the world.

So if you want to see some more beautiful architecture, you might want to checkout the latest sets that I have put together on Flikr.  La Pedrada and La Sagrada Familia.  I would go back to see La Sagrada Familia again.  In that place one experiences a sense of awe and wonder and can read some of the story of God in the stones.


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For those who love fabulous buildings

You really should visit Cordoba.  But maybe visit it in the fall or winter. Unless you enjoy extremely hot temperatures.

You can visit it by pictures here – mostly we saw The Great Mosque since we only had one day there.  The Great Mosque is also the Cathedral of Cordoba and a World Heritage Site.  Well worth a visit.

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Visiting Gibraltar

Over at Flikr I’ve loaded up a set of photos taken on Gibraltar.  This is a place we visited because of old family ties that drew us back.  I was curious to see this place where my great grandfather and my grandfather served in the British Army.  Serving in the British Army was a way to escape the poverty of England and so my great grandfather left England first for India, where my grandfather was born in Karachi, and then other places around the British Empire till when my grandfather was about 16 and could enlist as well, they ended up in Gibraltar.

Some of the photos I’ve taken show the military nature of the Rock. It must have been an arduous place to serve a term.  The road we walked down from the summit of the rock was one that the soldiers would have had to walk up many times, I’m sure. 


Large rings in the rock were placed there to assist the teams of men who moved heavy guns up and down those same roads.  We think sometimes of the enjoyment of the sun.  I wonder if the soldiers rejoiced in it or cursed its heat as they were climbing.IMG_2515-1

It is from Gibraltar that my ancestors emigrated to Canada.  I guess they were used to hard work but the introduction to cold must have been a real shock.  yet they stayed, laboured again under adverse conditions and helped build Canada.  I suspect most of us have gotten soft over the years.  We owe much to our forebears.

Leo and I rode the cable car to the top of The Rock and then walked down.  It was a long day of walking.  We probably did 10 Kms and it was not all downhill.  It was a good way to see the place.  At the end of the day we had a meal in a place on the waterfront called the Ipanema where they served Brazilian style – endless meats grilled  and passed on huge skewers.  Wonderful end to a great day.IMG_2568


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More photos

I have finally made it to our visit to our friends Maria and Cipriano Almeida’s home, farm and vineyard in a little town near Seia in Portugal.  The set can be found here on Flikr.  There will be more photos to add later.

Visiting my auntie is taking up much of my spare time.  It is well used.  I don’t now how much longer we’ll have her to visit.  Mostly I just sit with her but last night I found that she still enjoys music so I plugged her ear in to my i-pod and she listened to some classical stuff I have on there.  Think I’ll upload some old hymn favourites for her.

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It is 7 am and I sit here listening to the steady rain falling, that has been falling since yesterday morning.  After only two weeks back in rainy Saskatchewan after six weeks of steady sun and heat in dry Europe, I am rapidly losing my once in a lifetime tan and am feeling need for some sun.  Maybe my Vitamin D levels are dropping.  I have had enough of rain.


Just thought I’d voice my complaint.

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