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Packing up

We’ve been just relaxing today, visiting, packing our bags.  Doing all those last minute exchanging of internet addresses and such and thinking that it sure would be great to do this again in a few years.


This place has become our second home, a place of real welcome and we are going to miss the people here.  Even if we re-visit this place in a few years, many of these fathers will no longer be here. 

Belgium this week is cool and a relief from the heat of Spain.  I think we have begun our climate accommodation for the weather at home.  That is OK.  Hot weather is nice for a holiday but two weeks has been adequate.  I do think I have the best tan I’ve ever had though!

So, this week will bring us back to the realities of life in Prince Albert.  There is going to be a lot of pictures to sort through.  But that will have to wait.  I don’t want to spend all of my last afternoon sitting in front of the computer. 


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We arrived in Barcelona around 2:45 this afternoon.  It is a long way from Cordoba.  Traveling by high speed train at around 240 Kph it took about four hours.  It is also a lot cooler and the air conditioner in this hotel works a lot better.  We are close to the center of the town – near the port so pretty convenient for a couple of days of sightseeing.  This afternoon we walked a couple blocks to the Maritime museum then went past the statue of Columbus to the wharf and looked out onto the Mediterranean.  Think we may try a short boat trip tomorrow night.  But not in this one.  It took almost 250 rowers to move this one around the sea.


Tomorrow will be mostly about Gaudi and his Famous Sagrada Familla Cathedral that is still being built – estimated completion time about 2030.  And there are a couple of other of his buildings we are going to try and visit – plus the Roman ruins.  Its amazing to think that some of the handiwork of the people who lived here was here in pre-Christian times.  It has been quite an experience seeing such old structures.


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From Cordoba

Greetings from one of those VERY HOT places of the earth.  At least it sure felt like it to us.  It was somewhere between 37 and 40 depending on which weather report you chose.  It felt hotter!


You can see the Hotel Maimonides on the left, the Mosquita/Cathedral on the right.  The Cathedral was amazing.  And cooler by far than it was outside. Tomorrow begins the last Spanish leg of the journey.  Then a couple of days in Belgium and then home.  It has gone amazingly fast.

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Day on Gibraltar

Well, as soon as Leo gets a movin’ we will head over the border to Gibraltar. We are staying on the Spanish side a few hundred meters away from the crossing over point. Last night we were beat after traveling all day – but we made it. Worst was the 3 hour bus ride from Malaga. we stopped at about every town. Took us an hour to get out of the city before we hit the “autovia”. Fortunately this hotel is nice and we had a good sleep.
We’ll likely do mostly a walking tour, ride to the top of the rock, see the apes and maybe some caves or a museum.
We paid for this internet connection so maybe we’ll get to load some pictures. Will see if we don’t run out of time!

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Quiet Evening

Leo and I are just sort of chilling out.  We have walked miles over the past week and seen so much.  Tonight we just need to rest.  We head back to Belgium tomorrow on the EuroStar so are getting our suitcases repacked, trying to make room for the extras we picked up here.  Everywhere one goes they offer such wonderful pictorial guides with the accompanying history – hard to pass those by.

Today we saw the Churchill Museum and the Cabinet War rooms in the morning and then were off to St Paul’s Cathedral.  We looked around a bit and then were able to attend evensong.  That was the perfect way to experience St Paul’s. 

Flikr is very sluggish tonight but I have finished uploading the pictures from Bath if you want to have a look.


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More pictures up

We finally are in a hotel with a good and free wifi connection.  so last night I took some time and uploaded more pictures from Belgium and some from Bath.  There will be more to add later but these give you some idea of where we have been and what we have been up to this past week.

More than places though, we have been visiting old friends and it has been so good. 

So here are pictures from Leuven and from Bath.


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More pictures

I’ve managed to upload some more of the pictures from Belgium on Flikr.  You will find some of Antwerp and of Leuven.

Haven’t gotten to the ones of England yet.


And there will be more added to the Belgian sets as I get around to them. 

And I did have to get a new little camera – was relatively cheap.  It does not do to have no handy little camera on a trip like this one.


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