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We made it

And are mostly over the jet lag – I think. This will be short but we traveled north to visit some old missionary friends – Pere Hugo, Chris, Paul and Willy. They live in a different retirement home in a town of which I have forgotten the name and likely would not have spelled correctly anyway. I need to get a map and mark all the places we go I think so I can at least spell them. Ahh, I found it – Zwevegem.
After having lunch with the fathers and talking a while, Paul offered to take us up to Ypres (Ipere in Flemish) so we drove up there and saw the war memorial at Pashendale and then on to Ypres where we toured the old city gate and the restored church. Pictures will be posted soon. It was a great day. We hurried back not to keep Pere Joe waiting on us to find him busy watching the Tour de France. so Father Paul took us for a little tour of Zwevegem – another church, the old city and canal and the “Golden Lady” Got back here to Leuven at about 8pm.

Tomorrow another place to see – this time a hermitage and some of Pere Marcel’s family.

Update: – I really got the name of the place wrong. We were in Kortrijk. Pretty close by but a different spot.

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On our way

This morning came early – the alarms were set for 3:30 and we did wake up!  In fact it is very hard to sleep at all worrying about sleeping through the alarm, in spite of the very comfortable borrowed bed. (Thanks Shaun and Renelle) We picked David up and left for the airport at about 4:10.  Poor David. 

Got to the airport and checked our bags.  Then I sat down and opened my backpack and saw the little video camera.  Instantly I realized that our other cameras were still in the back seat of the car.  So David got to run to the airport twice.  As Leo said, he has high maintenance parents. 

Anyway, here we are in Toronto already waiting in the lounge for our next flight which does not leave till this afternoon.  This is one time I really appreciate Leo’s purchase that gives us access to this space.  He travels enough to make use of it regularly – me about twice a year.  It is nice on a day like this.

Oh yeah, I would wager that Saskatoon has the most vicious mosquitoes in the world.  There is water everywhere around the city – perfect breeding grounds.  Even the doors to the airport failed to keep them out.  But I don’t think they were allowed past security.  Maybe there was enough fresh blood to suck on the hapless folks standing in line to check in.


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Well, obviously that didn’t work. Will try again when I have more time.


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This is a test

Just seeing if I can upload video.

And I think I’ve got it. 

If so I will upload some videos we take while on vacation.  Hopefully quality will improve as we go.

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I feel exhausted

And I guess it shouldn’t surprise me. 

At 11pm last night I left the office leaving one little girl more comfortable and happier.  I moved a very displaced tooth back to where it should have been before she crashed on her rollerblades.  The tooth beside it had, unfortunately, departed permanently – no one knew where.

Came home to my son and family who were watching a movie.  I was beat so went to bed.  A few hours later my sleep was interrupted by the phone.  I was in a deep deep sleep and woke up thinking that the phone was just ringing.  But was it just a dream?  By the time I was conscious it had stopped but I knew that being on call, it probably was not just a bad dream. So, I got up and just as I was checking the messages Eric called.

Auntie had fallen again and was on her way back to the hospital by ambulance.  Waited up a bit and checked with Emergency – all was under control till morning and if not they would call.

This morning before church I spent some time with her, made it to church, Kieran’s seventh birthday party and then back up to the hospital. 

Sat with my aunt who was mostly dozing – in and out of sleep – me  as well as I sat waiting for some word.  Finally – good news.  Nothing appeared to have broken again.  She was going back to the nursing home – this was around 6 pm.  One last trip up to My St Joes to see her safely tucked back into her own bed. 

Now I feel I am ready for sleep myself but it is only 8:30 and guests are still here.  Chinese food has just arrived.  Who knows when everyone will head back to their own homes.  I think I’ll grab some food and go chill out in a quiet corner with my feet up.

Thanks to all who are keeping my auntie in their prayers.  It seems a bit of a wonder that she did not break anything new.  I was so anxious for her and for our own travel plans only a week away.  Wondering what to do in a worst case scenario has sort of been tearing me apart on top of my fatigue.  I hope this night is quiet.

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I sit here

and I ponder; how does one pass on values?  I must pass on a practice.  That is easy enough.  We begin booking patients with the new guy and I cut back my hours so that if they need treatment, they make the next appointment with him. 

But values and the uniqueness of the practice that is linked to how we care for our patients – that must be passed on too.  And can it be?  Is it learned by watching?  Or is this something that is just there inside the individual?

Fortunately, I think I have some good material to work with.  That is one of the reasons we took on this particular young guy.

I suspect there is no clear cut answer.  But it is something I must work at answering. 

So, I sit here and I ponder and pray that somehow it can be done.

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The Party

We had such a good time last evening.  There were more than enough burgers for all and I still have a few bags of buns.  There were veggies and salads and lots of dessert. 

Best of all were the good friends.  Two couples celebrating anniversaries and visiting friends (the Friesen’s)from out of town. 

Sharon has some pictures posted over at her blog that are worth checking out. 

I was trying out a little Flip video recorder but haven’t perfected that technique yet.  And I have no idea how to post a video here.  Not yet anyway. 

Tonight was a party of another sort.  We had our first Kid’s Club for kids from the neighbourhood around the church.  Pizza!  There was a pretty good group out.  Not huge but maybe it is better to start out a bit small so we can handle it.  I had the privilege of telling the story.  We’ll see how it goes next week – story duty again.  Stories with kids can be fun – or not.  Tonight qualified as fun I think. 

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