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Finding time

It has been hard to find time to process photos and post them on Flikr but I intend to get some new ones up there from the past few days.  We have gone to a new place each day.  Each day a new set of sights but also a new round of visits with old friends.

Yesterday was strictly sightseeing in Brugge, often called the Venice of the North.


We had a guide of the best sort – one of the fathers from this house that has taken many groups to Brugge. 


He has served as a missionary in Japan for years. Now he is retired spending his time helping to drive sick fathers to the hospital, take care of the daily prayer and help to  show visitors like us around.  He was a great guide and we had lots of fun. 

Today we spent up in Antwerp.  Met some more friends – Barb and Steve Swanson.  Barb was with us for awhile in the Congo and now is serving with the Mosaics project with marginalized peoples in Europe and Steve is the pastor of the English speaking International Church in Antwerp.

The photo is, by the way, not the international church.  They haven’t been around enough centuries!  This is the Cathedral in which there is presently an amazing display of the old masters.  Many of the paintings by Reubens are part of the permanent art that hangs in the church.


We walked and saw sights, ate lunch together, stopped to buy chocolates, people watched and talked.  It was a great day.  There were street musicians busking and we stopped to watch this group.  They had the most interesting instruments.


Now, I have a few tasks to do before turning in for the night.  Tomorrow we meet another friend and see yet another city.  Then we will be off for England on Friday.

Time is passing too quickly.


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