Daily Archives: July 25, 2010

A Celebration

Today was the 40th Anniversary of our marriage. It was quite a day of celebration. You might wonder about spending a wedding anniversary with a bunch of celibate missionaries. But we are just a bit crazy anyway from those years in the Congo I guess.

This morning they said a special prayer for us during the mass, went out of their way to recognize our big day at every opportunity and just have been so great to be with. We even had a special dessert presented to everyone on the occasion – so beautiful to look at that it was almost too good to eat. Plus special bottles of wine- including a white wine for me who is allergic to red.

This afternoon we walked over to the neighboring convent to meet another Congo friend and she welcomed us with open arms and then presented us with a bottle of Brandy. While we were sitting there along came another sister who had been in our part of the Congo and she recounted how she had come to see me to have a tooth removed and then we had invited her to our home for lunch.

It was a day of amazing memories. Fellowship so sweet like heaven!


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