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I feel exhausted

And I guess it shouldn’t surprise me. 

At 11pm last night I left the office leaving one little girl more comfortable and happier.  I moved a very displaced tooth back to where it should have been before she crashed on her rollerblades.  The tooth beside it had, unfortunately, departed permanently – no one knew where.

Came home to my son and family who were watching a movie.  I was beat so went to bed.  A few hours later my sleep was interrupted by the phone.  I was in a deep deep sleep and woke up thinking that the phone was just ringing.  But was it just a dream?  By the time I was conscious it had stopped but I knew that being on call, it probably was not just a bad dream. So, I got up and just as I was checking the messages Eric called.

Auntie had fallen again and was on her way back to the hospital by ambulance.  Waited up a bit and checked with Emergency – all was under control till morning and if not they would call.

This morning before church I spent some time with her, made it to church, Kieran’s seventh birthday party and then back up to the hospital. 

Sat with my aunt who was mostly dozing – in and out of sleep – me  as well as I sat waiting for some word.  Finally – good news.  Nothing appeared to have broken again.  She was going back to the nursing home – this was around 6 pm.  One last trip up to My St Joes to see her safely tucked back into her own bed. 

Now I feel I am ready for sleep myself but it is only 8:30 and guests are still here.  Chinese food has just arrived.  Who knows when everyone will head back to their own homes.  I think I’ll grab some food and go chill out in a quiet corner with my feet up.

Thanks to all who are keeping my auntie in their prayers.  It seems a bit of a wonder that she did not break anything new.  I was so anxious for her and for our own travel plans only a week away.  Wondering what to do in a worst case scenario has sort of been tearing me apart on top of my fatigue.  I hope this night is quiet.

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