The Party

We had such a good time last evening.  There were more than enough burgers for all and I still have a few bags of buns.  There were veggies and salads and lots of dessert. 

Best of all were the good friends.  Two couples celebrating anniversaries and visiting friends (the Friesen’s)from out of town. 

Sharon has some pictures posted over at her blog that are worth checking out. 

I was trying out a little Flip video recorder but haven’t perfected that technique yet.  And I have no idea how to post a video here.  Not yet anyway. 

Tonight was a party of another sort.  We had our first Kid’s Club for kids from the neighbourhood around the church.  Pizza!  There was a pretty good group out.  Not huge but maybe it is better to start out a bit small so we can handle it.  I had the privilege of telling the story.  We’ll see how it goes next week – story duty again.  Stories with kids can be fun – or not.  Tonight qualified as fun I think. 

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