Reflecting on an ordinary day

It was just an ordinary day at work.  The morning was fine so I rode to work.  It really is hardly far enough to count as exercise but I guess anything is better than nothing.  So 6 minutes ride there and 6 minutes to get home.  That left me with a good 45 minutes needed and not done.  Finished that off on the exercise bike tonight since there was a huge storm this evening.

Well, maybe not so huge a storm in comparison to what I hear is brewing down in the south over the Gulf of Mexico.  But here the sky was wild with clouds and it always makes me wonder if someplace near got hit hard by wind or hail. 

Work really was quite ordinary today.  No great crises.  No emergencies or disasters.  There are many times when I think I am not thankful enough for the ordinary days that I have. 

It seems every day that I am letting someone know that in the fall I will only be in the office two days a week.  I think that I am booking way into October for long procedures.  I guess the time is coming to sit and evaluate what things I will give up doing.  Our new associate is great to have around.  I think he will do well and we’ll feel quite confident to move patients over to his care. 

Well, now, it is time to get to bed.  I could not get to sleep last night so I am super tired tonight.  I am hoping for a peaceful and quiet night with a good rest.

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