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Reflecting on an ordinary day

It was just an ordinary day at work.  The morning was fine so I rode to work.  It really is hardly far enough to count as exercise but I guess anything is better than nothing.  So 6 minutes ride there and 6 minutes to get home.  That left me with a good 45 minutes needed and not done.  Finished that off on the exercise bike tonight since there was a huge storm this evening.

Well, maybe not so huge a storm in comparison to what I hear is brewing down in the south over the Gulf of Mexico.  But here the sky was wild with clouds and it always makes me wonder if someplace near got hit hard by wind or hail. 

Work really was quite ordinary today.  No great crises.  No emergencies or disasters.  There are many times when I think I am not thankful enough for the ordinary days that I have. 

It seems every day that I am letting someone know that in the fall I will only be in the office two days a week.  I think that I am booking way into October for long procedures.  I guess the time is coming to sit and evaluate what things I will give up doing.  Our new associate is great to have around.  I think he will do well and we’ll feel quite confident to move patients over to his care. 

Well, now, it is time to get to bed.  I could not get to sleep last night so I am super tired tonight.  I am hoping for a peaceful and quiet night with a good rest.

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Back to the routines

First day back at work. Twas a very good full day too. And I am tired.

And a day of waiting for news about a friend’s surgery – and that did indeed go well. He had a lot of folks praying for him and we’ll keep that up till he’s backup on his feet again and then some as he recuperates and maybe does some cardiac rehab.

Had a visit after supper from the great Zaka. He had to come and pick up the things Grandma brought him from Chicago. And have supper. And ice cream. Then the boys discovered the hammock in the back yard and had a ball.

Then I recommenced my evening bike rides. Two weeks in Chicago did nothing form my weight loss program. Riding the Rotary Trail is so nice in the evening. The deer were out on the far side of the river too, coming down for their evening drinks I suppose. I love watching to see what wildlife will show up.


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Done the class and heading home

This past week has been so full. My class took place from 8:30 to 12:30 Monday through Friday except for Wednesdays. I thought when I looked at the schedule that I would have so much time to just relax and enjoy myself. I envisioned joining one of my classmates for a trip down to Millennium Park and maybe a shopping spree or an evening of Jazz.

Not a chance.

I had papers to read and 5 short essays to write but most of all two sermons to prepare and get ready to preach. There was the long process of exegesis to go through before each sermon. Maybe it is better to have a limited number of commentaries to hasten a person through the preparation process – but I had a whole library! And it seemed there was always one book about the subject of the text that caught my eye and was begging to be read.

Each and every spare moment was full of homework. I saw an awful lot of the inside of Brandell Library this visit to Chicago but not much else.

Well, maybe I should qualify that a bit. I did have wonderful visits with my hosts, the Thorpes, even attending their daughter Christine’s son Peter’s graduation open house. What a joy to see this young man who spent a good part of January to March recovering from a head injury, graduate with his class. And there were two dinner’s out with Ruth and another friend – a Persian restaurant with such huge helpings that I had lunches for two days from the leftovers.

I did get in one long walk for exercise on the lovely campus of Northeastern University and yesterday I went shopping. By shopping in a mall yesterday I missed one of the most violent storms of Chicago so I am glad I was not downtown in the middle of Millennium Park after all.

It was a good visit. Three more credits under my belt. Some concerns about my next step in Greek sorted out. Also I’ve been psychologically tested and found to be at least crazy enough to continue towards my MDiv. I am, by the way, not only a 9 on the Enneagram but also an ISFP. In fact, I am such a strong introvert that I probably should not be talking to you like this!

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Preparing and Peeling (or maybe the other way around)

Today I began to feel the aftermath of the day at the beach in Toronto.  The very bad sunburn mid to lower back has begun to peel.  Of course it is not just peeling.  First it blistered and then it itches and then it peels and will in time (not long I hope) dry up.  So it itches now in places I cannot scratch.

While I am a bit itchy, I am also trying to write an inspiring sermon.  The exegesis they ask of us is fairly demanding.  I will, however know a whole lot more about Hebrews than when I started.

I suppose I should get back to work.  I must be ready to preach this by Monday.  My theme sentence is meant to be handed in tomorrow. 

I wonder if I will get any Chicago shopping done this weekend?

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Visiting TO

Here I am sitting in Ronin’s room.  He is asleep on the couch.  The flight arrived on time but of course it is two hours later here than home so it is now past midnight. 

Tomorrow we are supposed to go to the beach.  It may rain but I think we are going anyway.  It is so humid here that I’m not sure a little rain will be noticeable.

I have a whole day to spend with this branch of my family and I will savour every minute of it.

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My garden

Tonight I went out to finish planting my hanging pots and to sit in my beautiful new garden. 

Pictures will be posted soon,but it was too nice to stay inside at the computer. 

Now I must find a way to rid the yard of some of those pesky mosquitoes. They make reading outside just about impossible.


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