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Well, it seems I have acquired a new friend.  A little friend about five years old. 

On the weekend when I was outside with Zaka attempting to interest him in some prolonged pedaling on his little bike – at least not to stop pedaling when he got it started – one of our new neighbours came over to see what was up.  J is 5 and since Zaka is 41/2 they hit it off and had a good time.  J especially liked the strawberries and ice cream that I dished out to all the grandkids and also to him.  That afternoon the kids ran around and played cars and rode a bit on the bikes and watched some TV together.

Tonight, my doorbell rang.  There stood J at the door.  I explained that Zaka wasn’t here today, that he was at his house but assured J that I would call him over to play the next time that Zaka came for a visit.

J must have been bored or just very curious.  He first wanted me to come outside and play then instead of Zaka. I told him that I was busy cooking supper and just couldn’t come out.  So then he decided that our cat really needed to be petted and could he come in and pet the cat please. 

You really have to see J to fully understand how helpless an adult can be trying to refuse the request of a little guy with extremely thick glasses with speech somewhat garbled from his missing front teeth. 

Our doorbell rang three times during supper.  In he came to check out the landscaping activity in the backyard but especially to pet the cat who willing snuggled up to him as if this was a very special kid that needed to be loved.

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