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The house is quiet again

The last couple of hours have been so quiet.  I went out and planted some of my planters, loaded the dishwasher for the umteenth time today and wiped down the table.  Having a house full of people, including little ones with sticky fingers, makes for a lot of dishes and wiping up.  And this afternoon while I was watching Zaka for his mom, the neighbour kids came over too.  So for a while we were a hub of activity.

Leo’s brother left this morning with a load of plants and some of the hostas escaping from the edge of our flower bed – slated for annihilation anyway.

This afternoon Sara and Christian headed back to Saskatoon.  Sara has loads of clean laundry and has a couple more weeks of class.  Not sure just what Christian is up to.  Music of some sort I guess.

Tomorrow it is back to work.  It will be nice to settle back into the routine, busy as it is. 

And I will have my space back. 

I love having everyone here but my introverted self sure is glad when the quiet descends on us again.

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