The calm of the morning

I‘m up early this morning.  Funny how when I can sleep in, the biological alarm kicks in and wakes me every time.  But this way I do get to enjoy the peace and beauty of a calm sunny morning without the inevitable obligations of the day encroaching on this space.

Today is Leo’s birthday.  Our spare beds are full of family up for the weekend – just what Leo wanted I think.  And it seems that everyone is still sound asleep, even the baby.  Later on there will be lots of activity. 

A whole bunch of yard work is going to be going on around here this weekend as well as birthday celebrations. We need to take out a couple of dead trees, build a new section of fence and the back gate and put in some paving stone and maybe even my little pond that I’ve been hoping for.  Other trees and shrubs need trimming and I need to get some things planted. It is still pretty cool at night but I think it might be safe to go ahead and plant.

So, here I am appreciating the quiet in preparation for a busy day ahead.  May your long weekend be as blest as I’m sure mine is going to be.

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