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Final exam has been submitted and now…

I have been introduced to Old Testament literature and now, that class is done. It was good, although learning on-line has certain drawbacks relationship wise. I missed listening in on really good discussion. And I learn a lot by listening in, even if I do not say a lot myself. I am just not one of those quick thinking encyclopedias of knowledge. It takes me a while to dig deep into the stuff that I store in my noggin. And then, alas, the conversation has often moved on to other topics while my archives have been searched.

I’ve done well on all my classes so far. I’m not sure how that has come about.  I’ve sort of surprised myself actually.  There are many classes yet to come that will continue to test my ability to think and reason. But, here I am at a stage in life where marks are an interesting way to measure one’s self against others who also took the class but not the goal of my studies at all. There is so much to learn. How can one have learned 70 or 80 or 90% of all that could be studied? Perhaps having lived a few years gives a person a bit of an advantage. After all I have lived with these stories from the Bible most of my life even if they were more often the romanticized versions than the real life dirty messy stories of real people from cultures we struggle to comprehend.

I still have a long way to go before I am done the whole seminary stint. A long way.

Today, I ran into a friend. We were having a family meeting with the staff at Mont St Joseph’s and low and behold, the new Spiritual Care Director is a guy I met at one of Leo’s staff Christmas parties. He’s recently finished his training at Luther Seminary and we’d had a good chat last year. So we got to compare notes with each other again. It’s always fun to meet another friend of a like age with common interests.

Older age is great. You achieve a certain amount of freedom as you explore life’s possibilities beyond the family raising years.

We will not speak of the aches and pains that go with it.

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