Serving Soup, Moving, Studying and a Glass of Wine

Not sure how they are really related but it makes for a good long title.

I drove down to Saskatoon today with a vehicle full of stuff for Sara who is moving into a new place. She has a sweet little suite. Its in an older? Or renovated? Or built to fit the style of the area? Home. Gorgeous home – and her suite is almost new. Has her own private entrance.

It was time for her to move out of the condo she was sharing with a friend. They have become less of friends over the past year. Sara is relatively serious about studying and her friend was not. And the latest idea of her friend to invite a guy that she hardly knows to move in made Sara feel rather uncomfortable.

It was a quick trip. I helped with the soup kitchen till noon then took off. Tonight I am back at my desk and should be studying for a final in Old Testament on Monday night.

So, I guess I’d better get to work.

Leo just brought me a glass of Mateus. Not sure that will help me to remember the kings that ruled Israel!


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2 responses to “Serving Soup, Moving, Studying and a Glass of Wine

  1. Ah Mateus – I bought a bottle of something pink and mildly fizzy on Monday too.

    Hope Sara’s happy in her new place – good for her, trying to study and get on.

  2. Steve Menshenfriend

    Hey Linea. Could you send me your phone number … I can’t find it. Thanks. Have a great day.