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Saturday at Anglin Lake

It is Saturday morning and I sit in my cabin looking out of my wide window that overlooks the trees and the lake and once again I marvel at the wonder of creation and the creator. This place where I am staying attempts to preserve the natural ecology of this spot. There are no manmade beaches. The lake lapping up to the roots of trees cause the slow erosion around them tipping them towards it till they bow to the might of the water. The falling of the trees and the natural process of decay that follows provides cover for nesting birds and shelter for the fingerling fish from their ever present predators.

The lake ice is gone early this year and the loons have returned. Perhaps if it were not so snowy I would see them swimming by. I wonder what they think of this late spring snow and the wisdom of their early return?

The snow is still falling – or is it rain? It won’t last. The weatherman is promising temperatures back up to the mid-teens by the end of the week. But this weather provides me with a perfect atmosphere for study mixed with short walks. Last night the fire in the stove warmed this place up quickly. I slept well and late.

This is a good place to renew my connections with the God who is. Nature tends to do this for me. It is a good place in which to study the complex relationship God has had with his people throughout history. The story is so old and was written to a people we hardly can understand from the context of our own culture. I am learning that studying these stories is a complex affair. There is Ancient Near Eastern archaeology to consider, other ancient stories that demonstrate similar ways of telling the stories of origins, battle reports and history. Still, there is a continuous thread that weaves through these ancient stories that teaches us about our sovereign Lord, his covenant with those who he chose as his people through whom to bring his blessing to the world and his requirements of all to love him and live in ways that honour him. It is the history of my own faith and it causes me to wonder at the ways of God.

So, I think now it is time for a fresh cup of coffee, then back to the books. Since I have no internet here, this won’t get posted till Sunday. That’s OK. I needed a break from the internet for a few days.

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