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The coming weekend

This weekend I am going to the lake for a bit of a quiet retreat. I will have one whole day of solitude, something I haven’t had in a long while. I think studying has taken its toll on my life. I guess it is bound to do that and although I am learning a lot, it is hard to just take time to be.

This weekend, I want to spend some time just walking and being quiet. I want to sit with God and let him bring some poetry and some natural beauty back into my life.

Of course I will cart along my books and keep on reading for my course which ends in a few more weeks but I don’t think it will totally occupy my mind. I hope.

A lot of my free time has been spent these days in booking accommodation for our Europe trip. The internet makes this simpler – at least the choices of where to stay can be checked out on line- but it also takes a lot of time and trust that what I see is what we’ll get. I am beginning to get excited about this vacation coming up.

So, I likely won’t be back to this space till Sunday or Monday. May your weekend be as nice as I anticipate mine to be.

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