We never seem to be free of struggles – for jobs, for safety, for our economic situations – for life itself.   It just is hard at times and way beyond our control. 

I tend to want to fix things but there are times when nothing will really repair the broken situations.

So, I guess we learn to make the best of bad situations and go on with life. 

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”

– Matthew 5:4

At least I don’t have to go it all alone – and that is something I am trying very hard to hang on to right now.

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4 responses to “Comfort

  1. Toni

    Thanks Linea. There are times I wish our hearts could line up with the ‘facts’ in our ears and the knowledge in our heads.

  2. Good thoughts. I am working on my chapter on this Beatitude today, so it was a very timely reflection. Thanks.

  3. Linea

    Speaking of not having to go alone through the difficulties of life, it is good to hear from friends like all of you – my cybercompanions – who by your presence also share some of that load.