What kind of weather?

I will not put up any pictures of snow.  I will pretend this is not happening and maybe it will go away?

The roads around Saskatoon are just about impassable from what we heard from an employee on her way to Moose Jaw for a night at the spa.  Last we talked to her she was on the side of the road somewhere south of Dundurn.  And yet the roads are clear at Davidson.  And the roads here are not that bad either. 

Leo was scheduled to go star gazing with the mother-in-law this evening.  The Astronomical Society puts on a weekend but not tonight I guess.  The stars did not show up. 

But I will still curl up in a cozy corner and read or see what is on TV.  My head does not really feel like reading OT tonight.  I am hoping that by the end of this weekend I will have fought off this cold.

Oh, yeah, I got my final mark in Greek back today.  I did well and I am glad that it is done for now.


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2 responses to “What kind of weather?

  1. Craziness! We had 18’C and strong sunshine today.

  2. Ya, Shannon will have a story to tell from her “adventures in spring”, I’m sure!!

    Good goin’ on the Greek!!