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A Happy Easter to all

Christ has risen. We spent the day celebrating from the sunrise service to church to home and a big family gathering.

Now I am sitting here listening to the kids banter about the Amazing Race in the living room while outside the grandboys and grandtomboy are playing in the yard. The baby is babbling away in her mom’s arms. The contented aftermath of a good Easter spent together, too much good food and good family times.

We had another guy join our table today too, Miquel from Columbia. He was invited to join us at church this morning by Yaounde and when he was about to protest that he couldn’t come and interrupt our family dinner, Massa told him that they wanted him to come, that we were his family and he wanted him to feel welcome. And we found that Miquel doesn’t have a lot of friends that he hangs out with. I’m glad he joined us. I do love having a full table.

And Christian made it home in time to eat leftovers. He spent the last day in Provost. If you look up the history of that place you may discover why it was less than a good time. I guess they had guys in white sheets not so far in the past in that town and he ran across some interesting comments that mostly made him confine his time to his room. They probably won’t play that town again.

But now I am rather tired. I’ve eaten enough that I should go for about a four hour walk but have no energy left.



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