Holy Saturday

Today has been a busy day, full of good things and sad things and not much studying.

Since the midterm is done and I have almost caught up on my reading for the Old Testament class it feels as if I have gotten some of my life back this weekend. So today was filled instead with grandkids, some yard work, a memorial service, the never ending grocery shopping and a visit to my Aunt up at Mt. St. Joes.

Sara is home for the weekend too and I hear her down in the kitchen mixing up some carrot cake cupcakes. I will need to get the house organized for tomorrow’s Sunrise service on the river bank tonight too. The sun is up early – 6:30 am. I will get out of bed and make coffee and then the service will begin.

So, I suppose I should get a move on. Watched Julie and Julia last night. Better not let blogging take over although there is not much risk of this becoming a book.

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