My poor brain

I think my brain is just about full. Too bad there wasn’t some kind of knowledge compactor to allow a person to cram in just a bit more. I think it needs some sleep or something. Maybe Saturday’s test will empty it out so I can put some new stuff in.

Tonight I have had a whole evening to study. I am so tired besides being a bit sick and tired of studying that it was almost a total waste of time. I ate popcorn, I drank tea and I wrote out some vocabulary words but my head is too tiredfor much more.

I think it would be best if I just go to bed.

I should work out on the exercise bike first but I am just too tired. Hope Leo does not get a mid-night call again tonight. Nothing worse for trying to sleep than having him talking on the phone in bed at about 1:30 am.


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2 responses to “My poor brain

  1. Just don’t sneeze…until after Saturday.

  2. I hope you feel better today. Sometimes it feels like all the time we’re piling more stuff on the front of out ‘desk’ more falls off the back.