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I am still here

Things are getting a bit crazy but I am still here – up in my little study.  Studying.

There has not been a lot of time for anything else although I am speaking this morning.  Fortunately when one takes a seminary class, it provides lots of stuff to speak about.  At least in this case when the class is about the missional church.

The class I start tomorrow may not – Old Testament I.  It will be heavy on history and I am not a historian.  However I have my own personal historian on site and I think he will like me asking him all sorts of questions.

I am also working to finish up my Greek class as quickly as possible to get it off my back.  Three classes at once since I am still needing to write my term paper for the class I took in January.  

I may not post very often.  I won’t likely do anything much but study and work I guess.


On the bright side, Leo and I booked our flights for Europe this July.  We are going.  Belgium, Portugal, Spain, England.  Hope we can do it all in 6 weeks. Toronto is on the list to visit as well on the way back.

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